Sunny Sunday and a lovely meal

Today was beautiful. The sky was bright, fully illuminated, alive. A definite briskness remained, but the nascent spring's softer contours rounded out what stubbornly remains of our elongated, deeply chilly winter. Despite the fact that I don't put much stock in weather forecasts, I took the mid-70s proclamation for Sunday at word and wore shorts to Jack's baseball game. This was a slight overreach but by the time it wrapped up, my goosebumps had subsided and actual warmth was penetrating my epidermis. Brava!! My little boy and his teammates were darling to watch and though they lost 13-0, I couldn't have been more proud. Room for improvement! Four of the women in my writing class and I really clicked and decided to forge ahead as a group, teacherless and fearless. This afternoon was our first "class" and not only was it great to hear each of their voices but also wonderful to be back in the student saddle. And then back to the boys, the evening routine and dinner. Most everything was from our trip to the farmers market this morning, the produce at the height of just-picked freshness, the turkey from a happy bird slaughtered humanely, well as humanely as slaughter can be. It was light, flavorful, simple and good.


I grated these carrots for a Moroccan salad: raisins, olive oil, fresh ginger, cinnamon, honey and lemon juice. It's always good.


I oven-roasted the leeks, with just some olive oil, salt, pepper and two small pats of butter. And with the turkey breasts, I heated up the good-old cast iron skillet and made a quick piccata, minus the breading, heavy on the lemon and capers. Bellissima!


And now, the Mad Men season premier. Aah!!!