Sunday 'za, today nuts but ricotta in the "hope" works

Look at these darling, just-off-the-vine zucchini! And, hiding under them are their squash blossoms. Mmm...mmm... I'm feeling some anticipatory dread over the insane schedule that will be ours until 6p tonight. Presently, the boys are zooming around on various wheeled vehicles, pretending to be important members of the Canadian police. Why Canada? Who knows?! Then, both drop-offs, PT for me, application reading, pick-up, no nap, Jack's pick-up, Tae Kwon Do belt testing for Jack...and did I mention that it is SO cold? I gave yesterday's constant shower a pass because it was Earth Day: maybe Mother Nature felt dehydrated, but today it's yukkier and chillier than it was during parts of early March, and I'm over it. My poor tomatoes are huddled inside wanting for sunlight and warmth. Are they a metaphor for me? Perhaps.

I am hoping to get some ricotta made today, but I told Tom not to expect much in the way of dinner. A simple, meatless Monday pasta is probably all I'll muster.

PS- the orange-coriander-cherry muffins I made recently are fantastic. Try them! And I'm still grooving on the bacon-onion ones from yesterday. Something about things that have sprung from muffin tins...