Sunday FM

Oliver and I hit the farmers market this morning and had a great time. Sour cherries were out!!! There were still strawberries! Look at these gorgeous green onions, squash and Hakurei turnips!! I'm not sure I'll have time to get to the cherries before we leave so think I'll do a quick freeze on them, but the strawberries need to be canned, so I'll make that happen. Right now, I need to make chocolate cupcakes and brownies for the faculty appreciation lunch at J's school which is tomorrow, his last day. And then we're off to the beach first thing Tuesday. I am not a big beach person. Fish Belly is the color my mother often ascribes to my fair skin, I hate sand in random places, and neither boy can swim, but alas. It will be nice to be with family, and I really want the boys to know their cousins. Off to cook!