Sunday at the FM

After a terrific rainstorm yesterday afternoon and evening, we awoke to a gorgeous, clear day. As I've mentioned before, I love fall in DC; it sparkles crisply, things seem more alive as if they can stop cringing against the final heat of summer. Jack and T went to batting practice while Ol and I went to the farmers market. I'm teaching three Canning 101 classes this week so needed a huge quantity of rhubarb. Oliver discovered a new cheese from Everona, the Williamsburg, with which he fell in love and which he has been eating since. Inexplicably, saying "Williamsburg" sent him into peals of laughter, as if he were saying something illicitly hysterical.

Borlotti beans are here! Thrill- we bought a huge bunch. I also nabbed more yellow Romas for more sauce, some turnips, broccoli, celery root and eggplant. Ol picked up some buffalo jerky for himself and Jack, and on our way out we bought a few final peaches. I wish I'd bought some of these gorgeous raspberries!