I was just searching for a book on space shuttles on amazon. Autocorrect did not correct my inadvertent input of "space shittles"- what?? I chuckled to myself!

Today I'm going to make some pickled garlic scapes- do y'all know what these are? They're the long, snakey tops that grow out of garlic bulbs, they've got a short season and are edible and yummy. I bought a couple bunches at the FM last Sunday and just came across some more at Whole Foods. Nice. Anyway, I'm going to pickle them- think I can get a pint or two out of the amount I've got.

I also need to get going on some Batman birthday invitations and wrap my head around the fact that we are putting the children in the car for a nearly 7 hour drive to the beach next week (please send me good vibes; I do not have a good feeling about this). The last time we were in the car all together for more than 25 minutes -seriously- was a family trip to Philly 2+ years ago. It was beyond hellfire and damnation. Both kids screamed their heads off, to no one in particular but then at each other, for about 90% of each to-from drive. Tom and I felt like we were being forced to listen to fingernails on a chalkboard + heavy metal in a claustrophobically small compartment for entirely too long. We were psychotic and on-edge but at least now we are armed with iPads.