Study of Wondie, gorgeous jam

Since his birthday, Oliver's love for Wonder Woman has not waned in the slightest. While in NC last month, I bought him a Wonder Woman coloring book, and you'd have thought I'd given him the greatest gift in the world. Perhaps it was! Since camp began, Ol has drawn at least one picture of "Wondie" every day, and because he seems slightly bashful about his love for her -despite my entreaties that he be proud; she is cool- he has his counselors (or maybe he does this by now) wrap each picture up like a scroll and tape it shut with painter's tape so the paper doesn't get nicked or torn. At pick-up, he proudly though somewhat shyly presents me with his newest work(s), and I am excited anew because these are truly wonderful and darling. Sometimes Wondie lacks arms, and in one -gasp- she wasn't wearing her star-spangled undies, but Ol never forgets her tiara or golden lasso. Sometimes Wondie is alone on the page, at other times, she's amidst words or some other scene (see: hand-crabs). I treasure these pieces and had to share. Ol's study of Wondie

It's another gray day here but blessedly both kiddos are at camp (especially blessed because I slept in the basement with Jack last night and was kicked more than once, coughed on and awakened by his loud shout-outs to Oliver and other subjects playing prominently in his dreams), so I've enjoyed quietude and coffee. I'm about to get back to work on my newest puzzle but did make a glorious batch of peach-apricot-almond jam earlier. Just four half-pints and I spooned the rest over some fresh yogurt for a wow breakfast.

peach-apricot-almond jam

It's actually that color- incredible, yes?

Lastly, an enormous thanks to all who wrote in response to yesterday's post. I'm so grateful that you read Em-i-lis and let me know when things resonate with you!