Strawberry-rhubarb-lemon jam, rice pudding, what's for dinner?

Y'all, last night's batch of rice pudding is the bomb! I tweaked the recipe some and used brown jasmine rice rather than white, and I must say, this is my best batch. Oliver ate leftover pindi chole with a side of feta salsa for lunch but would not touch the rice pudding. What? What is up with my children and comfort food? Do they not need comfort? Maybe just not from food, and honestly, amen for that, but no mac and cheese? no grilled cheese? Kinda odd. Bygones.

I swore that Melissa C's jam recipe called for Meyer lemons, so I made a special trip out for them this morning. Alas, no, but I might use them anyway. In this recipe, you mix together and macerate the fruit, lemon and sugar overnight as MC says doing so candies it a bit pre-cook and improves the texture. Interesting. I'll get it together later and can it tomorrow.

Dinner tonight will be a basic one- maybe a panini or something equally simple but good. The sky's gray shroud is in effect big time today and as the sun seems to have been sucked into oblivion, so too my energy.