Steaks! Tomatoes, potatoes, and I've still not posted that recipe

Blarg! I will post the shrimp bisque recipe soon. Today was SO busy. For dinner, I roasted some darling little purple potatoes with a not insignificant amount of garlic, salt, rosemary and oil. Too, I made a sliced tomato salad with blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette and mint, and for the main dish cooked these steaks. WOW! For the sauce, I reduced a mix of red wine and balsamic vinegar. I brushed the steaks (which I'd salted and peppered and seared briefly on each side in hot  butter) with a bit of it, and then roasted them at 385 until done. In the meantime, in the remaining reduction, I slow cooked some dried sour cherries and the slightest bit of sugar. This was an amazing sauce. I mean seriously, aren't these gorgeous?!