Squash blossom bonanza, wine DON'T

My good pal, JL, emailed me yesterday: what to do with an overabundance of squash blossoms? I tossed her a few ideas, she made a beautiful pizza, and then....she said she wanted to gift the rest of the blossom haul to moi. Would I take them? Indeed!

So this evening, we grilled a pizza. T opted for tomatoes and artichokes, but I layered mandolined squash, green tomatoes, the blossoms and mozzarella. Oliver tasted it and declared it wonderful. My thoughts exactly.

Unfortunately, I have a seriously horrible wine against which to advise you: The Sobon Estate Roussanne. Have you ever had a Roussanne? It's a white grape, and I often like the resultant wines. As well, they're great when blended with Marsanne. If you can ever get your mitts on a bottle, try Qupe's Mar-Rou blend. Aah. Anyway, I was slightly hesitant in buying this wine because I don't like the vineyard name or the label and the description left me a bit cold, BUT ever-hopeful for new and different summer whites, I took a plunge. After a few sips tonight, I threw it all out. Disastrous, lacking any complexity, cloying syrup of "No, Don't Drink This!" Blech!!!!