Southern fun

After a leisurely morning, we headed to Chalmette, just east of New Orleans past Arabi, for their annual crawfish festival and carnival. It's a gorgeous day -here's the view from our front porch- and the kids were delighted to see all the rides, food booths and old-school games just waiting to be enjoyed. 20130324-162043.jpg

I got a shrimp po-boy, T and dad got big slices of crawfish bread (crawfish and cheese stuffed into a buttery pistolette), and after hot dogs, the kids went nuts for cotton candy and sno-cones the size of their heads.


Little kid roller coasters are fun! Ticket booths are much more expensive than I remember!

In an hour, a babysitter is a'coming and T and I are meeting my parents, aunt and uncle at Sylvain for cocktails (I keep hearing pretty awesome things about it) and then dinner at Mr. B's.