SOTU, cherry scones, early morning!

SNL or Up All Night could write a skit about this morning in my home. 5:39am: I hear Jack singing on la toilette, all lights are on, and he's simultaneously building some Lego contraption. 5:41am: Oliver starts carrying on about "something on my wall, Jack. You put it there. I want some milk. You put it on the wall, Jack." Out of desperation, I brought him some milk after about 10 minutes and then had to turn on my iWhiteNoise on high to escape the wailing calls pleading to come in my bed.

At this point, Jack flushes, turns on seemingly every light in the house and it's all over. I was regaled with the hilarity -"mom, laugh when I tell you this"- of spying a toilet seat on the recycling center's conveyor belt yesterday (cool field trip), and asked if they could have garbanzo beans in their mess kits and eat out as the sun came up. Now, I love garbanzo beans but not straight out of a can at 6:30 in the morning. Who can begrudge good eaters though, so beans they got! Now we're enjoying freshly baked cherry-cardamom scones: mass, cone head consumption is more accurate. This is a divine recipe.

I thought Obama gave an excellent speech last night. His frustration was palpable...

Y'all, I kid you not: Oliver just took too big a bite and then spit out the excess, happily chewing what remained. What a day I've got in store. More later. T, come home!