So, I started cooking

I just pickled 5 jars of chard stems and multicolored beets. They are so pretty. It does feel good to be able to immerse yourself in a project. Despite feeling like arse, I have been a paragon of patience with nearly-constant nose-blowing, tired boys who seem hell bent on keeping up a regular routine of love and bickering, and the fact that at least 6 times I've asked them NOT to use my basket of clean laundry as a hiding place.

Lest y'all think I'm turning into a depressive, farm-type of wife, I'm not. A) today started out with some heavy reading after a fitful night of sleep due to the nose sitch and B) the Arts Market is less than a month away, so I need to keep making my goods.

And, I do want to praise Tom's hard work, because it is lovely to be served this cup of coffee each morning.