Snow-sun-crab death?-gyoza-granola-whew

We had such a fun time last night. What a treat to get dressed up and out and have a ball. And St. Jude's is such a great cause; during the opening video I was damn glad to have on waterproof eye makeup! My dress is the one I wore to my and T's rehearsal dinner nearly ten years back. I found it in Ol's closet yesterday while looking for an overcoat, tried it on and voila. I love closet shopping trips that yield terrific finds.

This morning we awoke to more snow, heavy snow and lots of it. I thanked school, with every fiber of my being, for just going with it and getting started on time. Winter, I'm over you. Naturally by 1p, the sun was shining and all the slush was melting away. Who can keep current as these days go by? No wonder a number of people I know are sick. Effing February.

Do y'all remember that morning last July, when I went to kiss J goodbye before I hurried out to catch my plane to BlogHer (click here for an enjoyable review)? I noticed an odd Darth-Vader-minus-his-helmet looking creature in the food bowl in the hermit crab tank (mmm, savory), told T he'd best check it out and then left. Turns out one crab had cannibalized the other and what I'd seen was just a head, a naked head amidst the food pellets. Anyway, since that aggressive behavior, Mr. Crab has not been given a new roommate. Too bad if he's been lonely...eating your tankmate is unacceptable.

I have grown increasingly ambivalent about the damn crab, not least because he is boring as sin. Lately though, he's been downright sociable, all creaky-crawly throughout his tank, hanging in his salt water pool, munching on old worm casings, changing locale on a regular basis. He has NEVER, in the past 18 months or so, changed shells despite the fact that empty ones are strewn about his tank AND he's been hanging out of his first home in a seriously egregious fashion. He's like a size 9 foot pretending to fit into a size 6 open-toed sandal: all overhang and silliness.

Then last night, T noticed that Crab had abandoned his shell altogether and was lurking in his cave completely in the buff. Is he finally going to move into a larger home? Is he dying? He's weird. Do hermit crabs hibernate?

I think he's dead. I can't bring myself to lift up the cave thing but he doesn't look so good, and really, I'm relieved. Let's call it a day on the dullest pet ever and then I'll have one less thing to tend.

In the meantime I made granola (it never gets less good, people) and also the filling for some gyoza which I'm about to wrap and steam. I love dumplings/pot stickers/shu mai/this delight with any moniker. I hope the boys like them too!