Snarky but seriously

Why hasn't Krystal Ball changed her name? Why did her parents name her that? Why are people such flipping idiots in parking garages?

Why does anyone still listen to John McCain?

Hah, Eric Cantor! But David Brat? Scary!

Brava Italia!

Did anyone else receive the recent Restoration Hardware mailing? AKA tonnage drop-off? Ridiculous.

Dinner was fabulous: plank-grilled salmon alongside caramelized fennel, leeks and oranges. Delish! I made a coconut cream pie too, because Tom loves it, and it's better if you make and then let it rest overnight. Naturally, he has already jumped in, but I'm gonna wait. So what'd I do? I had vanilla ice cream with leftover chocolate caramel on top. Insanely good.

Today was, in other news, the sort of day which culminates in my feeling like both excellent and failed mom. I was enthusiastic, loving, patient teacher, fair negotiator. Yet too I was angry and I lost it round about 5p, tired of whining that sounded spoiled and bratty, worried that despite my best efforts, I'm the cause of such behavior.

It makes sense to me that when we love others as much as we love our children, it's hard not to give all we can, perhaps even more. But is such giving always a means to the right end?

When Oliver had a cow about the color of his camp water bottle, it felt so inane as to not be believed. I know he is but five, but I blamed myself and Tom for much of his ridiculous behavior. Did we ask too many questions, offer too many choices, indulge too many preferences? I know that I always want my children to feel that their interests and opinions have been taken seriously, have been respected and considered! But crap, I know I've also tried to instill a sense of gratitude and humility in them, and when it seems to be gone like the wind, I am flummoxed.

Ol and I made up. Of course we did, but I have Foxy and a few other treasures in a bag in my bedroom being held for ransom: change of behavior or else. Latitude is one thing. Free rein is another!

So although it's easier to go for the quick and heart-warming bright-eyed smile, I'm going to continue to try my damnedest to hold out and think long term.