Slow start, potato-leek gratin and steaks tonight, apple tart too

Having been up throughout the night because my nose was 100% stopped up, I've had a slow start to this rainy day. Nonetheless, I am hungry for a good, hearty meal and plan to pan saute steaks tonight with the rest of the yummy farmers market mushrooms and a little sherry, make a potato-leek gratin for the side and the apple butter-apple tart for dessert. T is leaving town tomorrow, and I always like to send him off well.While he's away, I'm going to make a few things that I love and he gamely tolerates but wouldn't mind missing. So, radish crostini with anchovy butter will be in the mix as well as something with broccoli rabe which I adore but T says tastes like "shoe". Hah. Will keep you posted, but for now, a nap while O is down for his.