Sloth on a couch

The sloth

That would be me. I am sorry to report in a fairly self-pitying tone that I feel a bit like ass today. Did I usher this in by going ahead and making chicken noodle soup last night? No, I didn't. In fact, that was fortuitous because when T got home, looking rather like the wrath himself, he complained of a sore throat and basically jumped into the pot of soup with glee. I ate with one hand propping up my head, he supped (souped; hah!) in front of the TV, laughing wanly though sincerely at John Oliver's Last Week Tonight which is a really clever show.

The couch

That's where I have been for most of the past seven hours. I am still there, as it turns out. A soup lunch seemed very necessary a few hours back, yet reheating chicken soup seemed too onerous. So, I dusted off my blender and made some cold saffron-tomato soup. No cooking, no real chopping, just into the blender and vroom. Often, this lovely soup is pink, but today, because I used a Mr. Stripey tomato (which is primarily yellow) and the saffron, the mixture turned out to be a stunning shade of coral. Not unlike cooked shrimp, really. Some chopped avocado here, a drizzle of oil there. Solid.

One can do many things while on a couch if a computer is close at hand.

Glum over having had to cancel lunch with a friend (because she is one of my favorite people AND we were going to get Ethiopian food; grr; a double loss), I put my energies into a project I pretty much never want to do unless I'm sick or desperate for a holiday gift for hard-to-give-to family members: making a photo book. Jesus h, the captions alone could drive the sanest of us into a vortex of madness, but I persevered -for THREE straight hours because what do I have but time in prostrate form- and successfully completed this scrapbook of sorts. I know I will be exceedingly glad to have it.

Because my camera was also near, I snapped some pics of Nutmeg because I am that person. Isn't he handsome? Outrageously so? If he were human, he'd wear tuxedos all day long just because he'd feel it was the right way to live life. Of this I am certain.