Sleepy Saturday

Literally! Y'all, I slept until 11:15 this morning. It was heavenly, much-needed slumber, and I then stayed in bed until noon, enjoying the latte T brought me and the newspapers from the past three days that I've been longing to read. Outstanding. It occurred to me around 1 that I best eat something as I was supposed to be at the gym at 3:30 so whipped up a little somethin'-somethin' and forced myself to change out of my PJs. To the gym, to the market to satisfy a manic kale yen, to Staples for yet another completely underwhelming yet necessary experience and then home where I checked in with the Olympics and was again baffled about why the IOC chose a resort town on the Black Sea for the winter games. It is downright warm there right now, people. The slopes are slush. Workers are shirtless. Visitors are basking in the sunshine. Can you imagine feeling like you want and need to wear your crazy thick team parka but that in doing so you're opting into a cocoon-like sauna. You have to wonder whose coffers were newly filled in this nod.

The kids got home, we visited and had more chocolate, read Hug Time and Zombie In Love again (the books I gave them for V-Day; love and highly recommend both!), and then I got busy making a kale salad. Whilst doing so, I thought about how nice it might be if it were warm. Then I thought about how much I love tomatoes Provençal. And then this happened, and it was awesome. Warm oil, garlic, slowly cooked sliced Lacinato kale, salt, tomatoes, minced lemon, breadcrumbs toasted in remaining oil.

Let's be clear, this was only my appetizer, but it was marvelous. I then finished the fennel salad leftover from last night and then had some truffled Gouda and crackers. Solid!