Sleepless night, almond joy inspired ice cream a'coming

Jack ended up sleeping with me last night, and as such, it was not a remotely restful one. When Jack sleeps, he is like a windmill in gale-force winds crossed with a quidditch bludger wrestling mightily to escape the straps securing it in its box. He's also noisy. At one point, he groaned loudly and heaved himself over me perpendicularly. Leg kicks, arms shooting with abandon, exclamations and rolling- all in all, it was a miserable night of sleep for moi, and I had a really bad dream which I cannot even bear to write down. I feel really rough today and am definitely lacking in both patience and zest. T doesn't know it yet, but I am sleeping in the basement tonight! Inspired by the ease and success of my recent honey and spiced fig ice cream, I decided to make more but this time thought chocolate, almond, coconut and the slightest bit of cardamom might make for a delicious combo. Let me tell you that so far it is really, really good. The chocolate-cardamom egg-custard base is chilling now, and tonight when the end of churning nears, I'm going to stir in some toasted, shredded coconut and some toasted almonds. Yowzers, eh!?

Before that, however, I'm taking J to Tae Kwon Do belt testing- hopefully he returns home an Orange Belt!!