Sleep! Kids!

Sleep is just amazing. I am a new'ish woman today. Last night consisted of the following: glass of red, Indian food, attempt -in vain- to read the paper, melatonin just to ensure slumber, bed at 9:30p. Scene. I woke up at 7am (bless my husband), am not as sore as I feared, feel SO improved and am now in the midst of muffinpalooza because, to my dismay when I checked this morning, our freezer was devoid of even one muffin crumb. So, first up...spiced Seckel plum muffins. Next, ginger peach with Last Tango peaches, and after that, I'm not sure... Jack did make it to school but we'll see how long he lasts poor sweetie. I'm trying to keep my expectations at a minimum regarding the time alone I'll have this morning.

So, while I wait with eager anticipation for the first batch of muffins to emerge, I'll leave you with some cute new shots of the boys. I fall more in love with both when I look at these shots: Jack shaking hands at El's wedding, and Oliver in all his glory.

PS- Perhaps it's because my arm muscles cramped sculpturally, but I swear I have more definition today. Heh.