Sickish student Sunday

Although I felt oh-so-yuk today and J tried on his lying hat for size, we'd scheduled a sitter weeks ago and so I found myself with four hours towards the end of our day. This was a gift for many reasons but not least because I had a great deal of homework to do, and it was blissful to get to immerse myself in it, largely uninterrupted. I watched most of the lectures from week 1 of The Science of Gastronomy (my second Coursera course), spent a lovely 90 minutes on my writing group's bimonthly conference call and snuck some time on my newest puzzle. What is up with my current obsession with puzzles?! Last night I spent a brief while researching how and why jigsaw puzzles are good for your brain simply to justify the amount of time I've recently devoted to them.

In any case, I just love my writing group and feel so fortunate to have met these women several months back- when was that, ladies? And the professor for the Sci Gast class is infinitely more interesting and engaging than were the profs from Intro to the US Food System, so yay for that too.

I plucked a bunch of lilies from my garden -they are fragrant as all get-out- and we grilled a pizza and finished that point of obsession in my basement. Two 1,000 piecers done in a week! A lovely night, and now I've a date with my hubs and the newspaper. Buona sera all.



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