Shrimp tacos to die for

Tonight's dinner, contemplated while at the market earlier but not begun until much later, was one of the very best, most delicious, can't-wait-to-make-again dishes I've cooked in a long while. These are the shrimp tacos of my dreams. Tom's too.

I started by making a marinade: freshly squeezed orange and lime juices; toasted and ground cumin and coriander seeds; garlic; minced habañero; honey; and some critically important supporters. Into that I folded shrimp and diced red onion and let everything marry while I made a cilantro-avocado creme with the ever-sublime crème fraîche. I also julienned some jicama and toasted some corn tortillas.

Do you know and/or use crème fraîche? It's like souped-up, top-shelf, Grade A sour cream. I like it better for many reasons but in part because it has a vague element of sweetness to it that I fancy. It's great in baked goods like scones, delicious stirred into pastas, lovely used in a marinade for chicken and, as I discovered tonight, a dear friend of the avocado.

I am feeling incredibly happy that A) I meticulously took notes while cooking tonight so that I can write this recipe up tomorrow, share it with you and make it many more times for us, and B) that Tom got home in time to enjoy it all at the peak of fresh. He was beside himself with pleasure: "This is absolutely delicious, Em."


Aah! *We also enjoyed the perfect side: watermelon, feta, cilantro, olive oil and Maldon.