Shrimp, jam, canning class, Italy

It occurred to me earlier today that "the trip to Italy for my sister's wedding" is no longer in the somewhat distant future, but next week. OMG! Where is my passport? What dress can I wear? This has all really come upon me quickly, and since this realization, I have been putting childcare and organization in place rapidly. You see, I am going by myself. Are you serious, you might ask? Yes, I am. This wedding is my sister's civil ceremony; the religious one, which we'll all attend, is next month in Louisiana. Once I get on the plane next Thursday, arrivederci it is, but until then, lots to do. Wow! In any case, I decided that shrimp would be the main event for dinner tonight, and I'm vacillating between charbroiling them in garlic butter and serving with a crusty baguette OR grilling them, then to be topped with a spicy peach salsa. I'll keep you posted.

I simply must tell you just how yummy the lightly spiced plum jam is. I looove it. And, if you're coming to my canning class in Fairfax on Saturday morning, this lovely preserve is just what we'll be making. Cheers!