Shrimp Creole, blood orange salad

Upon hearing an odd sound of something dropping, I went into Jack's room just now to see if he'd rolled out of bed. That kid does miles in his sleep. But no, I found him sitting in an astronaut suit that he outgrew two years ago putting together a Lego airplane and listening to a book on tape about a pre-teen science sleuth. Hearing my exclamation, "why on earth aren't you in bed?", he rubbed his eyes and replied, "I can't sleep." Good grief. We forced him to change into PJs and get in bed. I, for one, would love to be forced into bed for a night of restful sleep. In the meantime, we had leftover shrimp creole and this lovely salad of roasted beet, blood orange, celery, candied pistachios (in lime sugar), goat cheese and a champagne vinaigrette. A nice little Tuesday night creation.