Shaved zucchini and avocado salad with green goddess dressing

I am a complete sucker for green goddess dressing and will pretty much eat it anytime, anyplace. I like it so much that it can even sway my decision-making at a restaurant. Because it incorporates lots of green herbs, it's much like a chimichurri, another fave, but you've got dairy as your foundation instead of oil-and-vinegar. And it's gorgeous; flecks of leaf green dot a seafoam hued base. Despite my love for it, I don't make green goddess very often, and not because it's difficult- it's not! Put a bunch of things in a blender, and blend. While flipping through my new Melissa Clark cookbook, I came across a recipe that immediately stood out not least because -wait for it- the green goddess plays a starring role. While MC sorts this recipe into the month of August (zucchini are definitely not at the farmers' markets right now), I loved the idea of something so fresh and flavorful to go alongside round 2 of the French onion soup, something to brighten up what has been a very dreary day weatherwise. MC uses buttermilk in place of sour cream, yogurt or mayo, a very nice alteration in my opinion. In addition, she adds one anchovy fillet to the mess of herbs, scallions and seasonings; you might know how much I believe anchovies add to any sauce...beaucoup. Beyond the dressing, there's nothing but a cubed avocado and a shaved zucchini.

Green goddess is also a divine dip for crudités, so I hope there's some extra tonight because some freshly cut peppers and carrots + GG will make a great snack tomorrow.