Ok, while watching Jack go for the gold during his Red Belt testing this evening, I snuck a glance at Facebook and saw something horrifying: a wintry mix is purportedly going to strike DC tomorrow night.


Rain / Snow / Wind Early


Rain / Snow / Wind Early

Now, as if the possibility of MORE snow after we've all put our warm clothes away (and good riddance, thank you very much) AND just planted hopefully and watched everything come up and bloom AND started recovering healthy psyches and such isn't awful enough, my birthday begins at Wednesday's dawn. Has there ever been a girl in the world who wanted anything for her birthday LESS than this forecast? I think not.

It goes without saying that I am actively ignoring the weather "experts," even the ones who actually seem quasi-capable (thank you Capital Weather Gang), and planning, as I already was, to wear shorts on Wednesday.

Fortunately, Jack is now a Red Belt, I made a great kale salad for dinner, and though T broke my iPhone home button while repairing the cracked screen, the screen is so lovely now. Too bad I have to use the special button that's nose-sensitive in the meantime. Shite!