Serious Sunday haul

Have you ever gone to town on your kitchen's crevices with a toothpick? This morning, armed with a box of toothpicks, an old cloth diaper and some wood cleaner, I spent a gleeful hour immersed on the rather OCD task of picking out from all dishwasher, oven and cabinet creases/indentations/joints/and so forth the grime, grease, pet hair, dust and assorted food crumbs that have accumulated over the years. It was fairly gross and extremely satisfying.

I'd just cooked both waffles and blueberry pancakes as the boys each wanted one and I was feeling magnanimous. I was also thinking how great it would be to replenish my freezer supply of both so that the next time diverse breakfast requests came in, I'd be at the ready. While I've never been willing to be a short-order cook, it's also never bothered me to make them slightly different meals. I don't always want the same thing or have the same preferences each day, so I get it.

Anyway, "me time" was toothpicking crap from cracks, and then we went to the farmers market. Ol wore a cap to shield his eyes from the very bright sun (gorgeous day here), and J then said he'd grab some sunglasses. Instead of choosing from the regular assortment, he opted for these Iris Apfel-types from the dress-up bin. I was amused. I'm sure the entire farmers market was amused, frankly. I love that kid.

We came home with 20 pounds of tomatoes, about that of peaches, 4 baskets of blackberries, a ludicrous amount of a salchicon Oliver obsessed over, and various other goodies. I best get cooking, don't you think!? Everything was just so beautiful...