Seeds are sown

Literally. It's another gorgeous day here, so despite an annoying headache, I took myself outside and got busy planting rows of spinach, arugula, radicchio and a gorgeous butterhead lettuce variety. I can't wait to eat everything- have you ever picked lettuce and immediately made a salad? Nothing like it. Even if you've got just a small patch, really, even a large pot will suffice(!), pop some seeds in some nice soil in your sunniest spot and soon you will be glad you did. All these greens like cold/cool weather, so now's the time to sow. Likewise, if you've got a warm'ish, sunny windowsill, you can also get your herbs going inside. Get a spray bottle that shoots a fine mist (so you don't raze the seedlings when you water them), and keep the soil damp; when it's warm enough, you'll be ready to transplant these outside. Plant extra of the things you use often: parsley, mint, whatever floats your boat. Not only are they fresher when you pick right before using, I also find this to be quite cost-effective. Who wants to spend $1.99 on a bunch of organic parsley to watch some or most of it wilt and/or before you can get to it?

I'm really grooving on the idea of this mixed greens-goat cheese ravioli tonight. I might candy some lemon peel for a garnish...

Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a quiet house? Good lord, I love school days.