Scrumptious dinner

Farmers who don't just sit around profiting from the Farm Bill deserve a lot of credit for hard work. Tom and I worked our tails off outside for several hours today digging, leveling and perfecting the foundation for the playhouse we're building for the boys. And we are sooo tired. And we haven't even started constructing the thing. Which is a 7x9 cozy cabin. With four window-boxes. Mon dieu.

But all good and all fun. And we were rewarded with a fabulous dinner. Potatoes Anna a la Nora Ephron, and beef filets with creamed chard and red wine and shallot sauce a la Florence Fabricant. Fabulous, delicious, the longest two recipes I feel I've ever freaking made. Why do I not read through them first?! Nora asks you to dry each 1/16" round of potato with a paper towel, one at a time. Florence asks so very much too. Regardless, both made for a delicious dinner, and I feel happy to be invoking Nora tonight post-Heartburn.

I also opened for us a fabulous bottle of 2008 Hall Cabernet Franc. I love Cab Franc. It is so under-rated!