Scones are done!

I've successfully completed scone-fest over here. 16 to Ol's class, 60 for a St. Patty's day party, and another dozen+ for the freezer. Because of the amount, I was able to use my new tower cooling rack which saved tons of room and helped things feel organized. This is but a part of the ones for the catering gig, and once all are cool, I'll wrap them up and send them on their way. Delightful! I'm also excited to say that I believe my pale green thumb is darkening in hue; having almost given up on the zucchini plants I started from seed a couple weeks ago, I found three beautiful little seedlings peeking out of the soil, stretching toward the sun this morning. I transplanted each into the garden as today is supposed to be another super warm and sunny one. Those cowpot seed-trays I ordered are a nice product. They're made from cleaned and processed cow manure and, thusly, are biodegradable. Each tray is a six-pack of pots and it's simple to break them off as individuals which makes transplanting much easier and less stressful re: worrying about damaging the fragile roots.

Game Change is a must-see if you want to feel grateful about McCain-Palin NOT winning in '08. I am a pretty well-informed gal, but I had no idea about the extent of Palin's utter lack of knowledge about the world and even our own country. Not vetted at all, she thought Queen Elizabeth ran Great Britain and was our direct political contact there. She did not know what the Fed was- thought the moniker referred to the federal government and had to learn what the Federal Reserve is. And on, and on. Truly terrifying, and it is beyond my comprehension to imagine what a terrible state the country would be in right now had they won. McCain deserved to lose his rep over that utterly irresponsible, silly choice. Wow!