Schizo weather and good food

Schizo weather and good food have nothing in common. As glumly predicted, yesterday's sunshine gave way to snow this afternoon. Our yard looks ridiculous as just before the shower was to commence, I covered much of my garden's emergent-growth attempts with all manner of colorful plastic bucket and garbage bags. We'll see how things fare.

Meanwhile, I am still coughing and blowing to beat sixty. Apparently there is some respiratory virus going around that plagues many people for up to a month. A MONTH! Truly, I'm over it.

I'm also over buttercream frosting as I've whipped together five sticks of butter and nearly five cups of powdered sugar in the past two days. Why so much? Because after yesterday's party cake, I remembered that Oliver wanted to bring in chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for his birthday treat at school tomorrow. Those are now done, Star Wars liners, sugar shamrocks and all.

It was with sadness that we said goodbye to my parents this afternoon. Jack just cried and cried, as he always does when they leave. I feel lucky that despite the distance we're all so close. On the way home from the airport, I swung by the market to restock our diminished stores. While there, feeling seriously crappy near the potato display, I was overtaken by a sudden yen for the comfort of mashed potatoes. Then I passed the rotisserie chickens, and a meal was made.

After dinner, T and I watched Real Time (Andrew Sullivan and Seth MacFarlane kill me) while I set another batch of Pear, Ginger and Black Pepper Preserves to macerate overnight. Alan Weisman, author of Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?, discussed his book, and really, the combo of overpopulation, diminishing resources and climate change is a terribly grim equation.

Also, where is that Malaysian Airlines plane??? What an intensely weird tale; it's like Lost in real life.