Scallion pesto, olive oil cake

I remain thrilled that I made that olive oil cake yesterday. It is riDONKulously awesome. Indeed, I just ate my third slice of the day. What's a girl to do. I also made Jack yet another batch of the turkey-chickpea-walnut meatballs (this is his fourth since I invented these) and some scallion pesto crusted chicken, a recipe in contention for community pick status in this week's Food 52 Your Best Scallions contest. It was easy as pie and made a simple, lovely meal!

T is watching a bit on how many people (27%) still believe vaccines cause autism and thus aren't vaccinating their kids. This is terrible. Measles is on the rise, as is whooping cough. Who wants horrid diseases to return??? Please vaccinate, not least to keep other children safe!