Say what? Thursday

I was up for about an hour last night with a hungry cat and a little boy whose bed suddenly needed changing. As such I was especially enthusiastic about a few hours alone this morning: I'd get to Pilates and then come home, lazily shower and finish the 1,500 word piece I've got due tomorrow. Maybe I'd even read the paper or nap. Such was not to be. The furnace at Ol's school went kaput and so the day was cancelled. What a bummer. Ol cried, and I kinda felt like doing so myself; at 6am, the day ahead can seem awfully long. At least the sun is out. We candied kumquats and visited my mother-in-law, went to the market and put special pictures created by Ol in the mail to some family members he was thinking about. I managed to get the shower and then Ol spent 15 or 20 minutes combing my hair; he might be the most gentle comber ever, and it was all very dear, but I'm pooped and we still have to bust back out tonight for Jack's purple belt test. Mamma mia! As my mom always said, "You know, you never know." Ain't that the damn truth! I just raided my secret freezer stash of hamantashen and am finding a bit of a boost from that treat.

I also splurged on this hothouse beauty. NIK_2193