Savory muffins- a fine way to start one's day

Unless I've got my head around the idea, I'd rather a breakfast more towards the savory end of the spectrum than the overly sweet. A bit of molasses or brown sugar over your oatmeal? Great! Jam atop a multigrain bread? Lovely. Muffins sweetened more by fresh fruit than sugar? Yep. I think this is why I love to use Mark Bittman's whole wheat muffin recipe as my foundation for so many iterations. My pumpkin-plum ones are a perfect example of mostly savory-slightly sweet but as it is decidedly not plum season right now, what to do?! This morning I looked around at the ingredients I had on hand and decided to incorporate sweet potato, zucchini, and blueberries; the result was really great. In the recipe for pumpkin-plum muffins that I've got posted, I'll add a note for the changes needed to make these if you're interested.