San Diego

I don't really know the time nor how long we've been in CA, but it is great to be here. The Pacific is magnificent, the sun is shining, we visited a serious farmers market after picking up our rental car at the airport and despite waking up at 4:45 this morning, still had time to hit the beach for a good hour of exploration. The kids were beside themselves there, exclamations of "I LOVE San Diego" trailing behind them as they sped ahead, rocky coast be damned. We saw tiny crabs, enormous birds, sea anemones and all manner of algae and barnacle-like mollusk. Jack brought some seaweed home to dry and they ate like starving hyenas before I tucked them in.

After all that, I fixed a quick dinner of mostly-farmers-market fixings: fresh olive bread; fresh mozzarella; kale; and fennel fronds. I also threw in some yellow tomatoes, avocado and garlic we picked up later. Plus wine made for a lovely California-style meal.

A domani.