Salmon, lentils and leeks

A delicious yet somewhat repentant dinner. Actually, it didn't feel chaste at all but it wasn't over the top either, so I feel good. Slow-roasted salmon, beluga lentils, leeks, dijon and some Gruyère (the lentil dish is similar to the one I've posted under sides). Like I said, delicious. Friends, summer is over. We made it. Everyone in our home is psyched about tomorrow, and really, that's the only way I'd want it. The kids love school, and who could ask for more. They are curious, bright, happy little boys, and I've come to realize that we are the type of family who just functions better on a schedule. Some folks would rue that, others avoid it like the plague, but for us, it's the plain, unvarnished truth, and for now, that's cool. Yay school!