Salad, vegan date scones a'coming

This salad was fantastic: a green goddess green salad. This dressing is the bomb. Oliver ate about a quarter of it including all of the cucumbers, radishes and goat cheese. I was bursting with pride, especially when he asked, "what is this cheese?" Upon my answering, "goat cheese," he replied, "I like goat cheese!" Good palate young man. He just convinced me to let him nap in underpants. I love the spirit but as we are only 1 week into the potty-training, I'm wondering what I'll find when he awakes. Ah well, who am I to quash his big boy attitude!? At Pilates this morning, I was struck with a yen for some date-oat scones scented with orange zest that I've not made in quite some time. They're vegan and just wonderful! I found this recipe in an online forum in which folks were attempting to recreate the vegan scones from Whole Foods (they will not share the recipe). So I now make the version I adapted from some other enthusiastic soul's attempt and will share it with you soon!