Ruminations on pie, turkey sandwich

I got called out in Pilates this morning for a sloppy twist and had to admit to my dear teacher/friend that I was thinking about pie. Hah! So busted. But do pies freeze well? I am going to have to attempt freezing some of last night's pie to see BUT I feel vexed because I actually just want to eat it all rather than possible give it freezer burn and waste it. Hmm. I used buttermilk in place of regular milk in the crust this time because buttermilk and strawberries just sounded good. It didn't change the flavor really but the consistency was slightly different- still delicious, just a bit different. Interesting.

Anyway, now I'm starving and counting down the minutes until lunch for which I'm going to have not my favorite turkey/cranberry sauce/Moroccan mustard version but another delicious one: roast turkey, avocado, sliced tomatoes and that Mediterranean feta salsa that I groove on. Whoa nelly, T minus an hour or so. ;)

Pie plain and pie a la mode tied in the poll. Last night, however, 75% of pie eaters here opted for the ice cream...