Rum balls

Do you know what it is almost time to make? Rum balls. This recipe hails from my mom's sister's husband's family. Quite a mouthful, yes? But we are lucky to have been introduced to this fabulous treat, and I look forward to them every year. Having finally procured the recipe, I will make my first batch soon; usually I gratefully mooch off my aunt's stash, and I admit that I do hide my portion sometimes because these are real a hot commodity in my family. So, think rum/chocolate/crushed vanilla wafers and so forth rolled into bite-sized morsels of perfection. DIVINE! I was this morning seized by a major yen for seared radishes in anchovy-butter sauce all dripping off of hot, toasty bread. So if I can fit that in before trick-or-treating, I will. Also on tap this week will be something involving carrots as I have some beauties, same for beets and greens. I'm brainstorming with myself about a greens and Gruyère soufflé. Sounds autumnal, yes?