Roasted Leeks with Grapefruited Breadcrumbs, funny story

T's parents came over for lunch today, and it was quite nice having everyone together. Jack insisted on wearing a pink dress shirt, seersucker suit, black bow tie and saddle shoes as he was channeling James Bond, and meanwhile, it was all we could do to keep Oliver clothed. Oh, those little boys. We cleaned out the fridge, enjoying leftover jambalaya, pappa al pomodoro and salad, and in addition, I made a roasted leek dish I'd been noodling on for a day or two. It turned out swimmingly and will definitely be a recipe I both post (today) and make again (soon).

roast leeks with grapefruited breadcrumbs

Funny story: Mom and Jack bought these rice chips that I loathe. The smell makes me want to wretch, so much so that I won't buy them. It all started during one of my pregnancies when, for whatever reason, these crackers' scent almost made me hurl. This reaction remains but Jack and Mom think it is hilarious to hold a few in their hands and "waft" the fragrance towards me. They call them wafting crackers. So today, when they returned from Tae Kwon Do with Trader Joe's' bags, I knew there were multiple packs of wafting crackers inside, just waiting to be opened and used for torment. After said torture, J asked me why I don't like the crackers so I told him that when he and Ol were in my tummy there were just certain things that repulsed me.

Jack said, "Mom, I don't understand how you ate when I was in your tummy. Didn't the food get all over me?" HAH!