Ricotta, zoo, nap inspo

I finally got the ricotta made and feel comforted just looking at it. :) Ol and I spent the morning at the zoo as it's finally a beautiful day. At one point, while passing the elephant house which is under construction, we got seriously hung up -like, had to stop, sit on the ground and watch- when O spied an excavator at work. I finally lured him away with the promise of lions. We also visited the reptile house which is not my favorite but Oliver wet bananas for it. It must be molting season because snakes and lizards were shedding their skins to beat 60; this fascinated Ol to no end.

When we got home, I could tell he was pooped. God, so was I! Anyway, I knew he would refuse a nap is his crib, but hark, a light went on and I suggested his crawling into Jack's bed with some milk and listening to stories on tape. He agreed and I got to eat lunch by myself.

Will it work?