Ricotta tip, Moroccan carrot salad, Brunello

I like Sara Bareilles- do y'all listen to her music? She's a Norah Jones type... The ricotta is beautiful and reminded me to issue a tip: don't sub whipping cream for heavy cream. I think the carrageenan prohibits the curds from coming together. I made this mistake last week when the market was out of heavy cream, and while the flavor was still pretty good, my result was more like ricotta slurry. So just FYI in case any of you are on your way to homemade ricotta.

I just put together this carrot salad. It's so easy and so flavorful- carrots, fresh ginger, lemon juice, honey, cinnamon, EVOO, s & p. Yum. I'm going to get on the Baked Ricotta with Candied Tomatoes once we get the kids to bed. In the meantime, the carrot salad is resting as its flavors muddle together, and we opened an '01 Brunello that we brought back from Montalcino some years ago. It's decanting now but initial tastes were delicious.

Hope everyone is doing well.