Ricotta is on the stove, there is a hot toddy in my future tonight

I have a terrible suspicion that I'm getting a slight bit sick. Attempting to sleep everything away last night helped some but I've got the old burning sensation in my chest...What do children bring home from school?! I never used to get sick. Anyway, I have heard (probably false hope but nonetheless) that a hot toddy can help, so cheers to that! I just found a recipe for one that calls for Rye, dried cherries, sugar and a zest of lime...Yum. The ricotta is bubbling up tent-like which means it's almost time to remove it from the heat and let it curd for a while. I'm going to make some more rice pudding with the whey and use some of the cheese in the eggplant dish tonight. Meatball making will commence tomorrow when the ciabatta is a bit dried out.