Ricotta, chicken and coconut, One Day Deal tomorrow

Do tulips make you happy? I adore them. Tomorrow, at participating Whole Foods, you can buy one bunch of 10 and get the second bunch free. 20 tulips for $7.99. Prettify your house! It's been a few weeks since I enjoyed some fresh ricotta, so I'll be making some today. Hopefully with part of it, I'll finally get around to making the ricotta and farina cake I spied seemingly ages ago in the Cooks Illustrated old-school recipe mag I picked up. That was a complete impulse buy, and I feel I've simply got to make at least one paltry dish from it. So why not a lovely cake that can be enjoyed for breakfast or dessert.

For dinner tonight, I'm going to make a Melissa Clark recipe I found a couple years back in the Times. Chicken, coconut milk, cashews and some grain that I'm blanking on right now. It was lovely and of the comfort food ilk. I am definitely sick with something that I hope scrams soon but in the meantime, healthful comfort food it will be. And another hamantashen. I had three yesterday. Blarg!

Off to blow dry my hair so I don't look like something the cat dragged in.