Ricotta a'curding, school dispatch

People, a schoolmate of O's BIT him today ON THE CHEEK while they were driving the firetruck on the playground. Say what? He has a round of teethmarks just to the right of his nose and told me "it did hurt when he bit me mom, but now I am ok. I got to play in the sandbox too." I just love kids' resiliency; it's really inspiring sometimes actually. But, I do wish little mr with the biting issues would keep away from my honeypie's face. Good lord. It took all I had to keep from asking O too much about the whole incident as he seemed largely unphased by the whole thing and why traumatize him. On another note completely, O and I got the newest batch of ricotta made while playing some hilarious no-focused game. He ate a scone and pretended to do silly things, I'd respond no, we'd both laugh and intermittently I'd check and tend the ricotta. It's "curding" right now, and after I drain it, I'm going to take myself to the couch to noodle on beet recipes for later.

Although I had my leftover piece of squash pizza from last night plus my last piece of Lebanese flatbread with spinach, I'm still hungry, so for now, sayonara as I head to the fridge to rummage for something else. Is this colder weather hinting to anybody else -as it is me- to go and eat carbs with abandon?