Ribs + beans = good; Young Adult not so

Y'all, these ribs were literally finger-lickin' good. As I've said, I am not a gal who eats much pork, but these acorn-snarfing pigs do make for a delicious meal. I followed a food52 recipe for Sticky Balsamic Ribs, a marinade and glaze I now highly recommend. And, per the usual, the baked beans were fab.

If you make them, resist the temptation to decrease the amount of molasses and sugar. You want it all because it condenses into a fabulously unctuous mess of yum.

Lastly, T would like me to share with you this picture of his Delirium Tremens (beer) because it has a perfect meringue-like head. He is big into Belgian beers, in particular the tripel style, and this is a prime example. Buona notte!

PS- Young Adult, the recent Charlize Theron movie, just drove me nuts. Her character is beyond despicable. I just need to call it a day!