RI, ramps

Let's give a shout-out to Rhode Island for becoming the 10th state to legalize gay marriage. Yee-haw! Equality is coming 'round. Not quickly enough but it's happening. Three cheers to the RI legislature! The sun came out earlier today, and the afternoon was a beauty. A balm for my over-the-gray soul! I exercised, Oliver helped me deliver dinner to my older sweeties (he loves to come with me; it's very dear), and I'm now riffing on a ramp carbonara recipe, replacing the pancetta (because I don't have any) with sweet Italian sausage, and the spaghetti (SO sad and shocked to be out of this staple) with rotini. Ramps are so lovely and lithe, so delicate in color and form. But them, wham, in flavor it is delicate they are not! They've got a fire to them, a spark that gets you right at the base of your throat. Not like hot peppers and not like heartburn, but somewhere in between those two. I like it.

spring ramps