Restaurant supply store field trip

I took myself on the greatest field trip this morning after dropping Ol off at school. In need of a 20-quart stock pot, I had T conduct a brief search about which restaurant supply stores in our area got the best reviews: Best Supply on Morse St, NE. Oh my goodness, folks, this place is fab. A completely nondescript facade, it's sandwiched between two equally unmemorable store-fronts in a strip of warehouse-looking supply stores. As I drove down Morse, parking seemed to be "park where you can fit, at any angle" so I did, making sure to stay clear of the many fork-lifts and dump trucks going into and out of tall, dark entries. From the outside, you gain no expectations of what's to come. In fact, had a woman not opened the door as I approached, I'd have wondered if it were even open. But it was, and I had a ball. The ceilings were so, so high; a library-ladder would be a complete joke, and even an extension ladder might not manage to fit the bill. The rows were narrow, full of bins and shelves of plastic-wrapped odds and ends, sheathed knives, rice cookers that looked like kilns, the biggest mixing bowl I've ever (!) seen, and so forth. I left with my stock pot (two of them actually) plus an assortment of other exceedingly well-priced items. I was fully on a shopping high when I left, assisted by a sweet man who carried my pots. If anyone in the DC-area is in need of good basics at NON-Sur La Table/Wms-Sonoma prices, I highly suggest a trip down to Best. It's open Mon-Sat, 8a - 4p!