Reiki, collard cobbler, garlic bread and more

Last night, T went to a hockey game with pals, and, feeling the worst of Ol's spell was behind us, I took a full Ambien at 8:45p and tucked in to an awesome night. I even left T's jammies on the stairs, and lovingly suggested he sleep in the basement and get a good one. Just before nodding off, I enthusiastically agreed to meet my trainer this morning. She and I do like to text. My dream was not to be. At 12:30a, Ol woke up calling about a booger and need for water. Apparently, a fever had both come and broken, and his sheets, pillow and PJs were drenched. We changed everything, and I wobbly-walked back to bed. At 5:30a, he called out again, and this time the bed was wet for a different reason. People, please. We changed him and I moved him in with me. He kept trying to talk about going to Disney World; my pleas to wait until morning fell on deaf ears.

As you might imagine, I have not felt fantastic today (understatement alert), was nonetheless a champ at the gym, put together this gorgeous collard green cobbler, some Louisiana garlic bread and some Jezebel sauce, and gratefully went to a Reiki session at my yoga studio. A local Reiki master offers wildly reduced-rate sessions two or three times a year so that her trainees can get more practice. I attend whenever possible as it is the ultimate in relaxation and restoration. Seriously, y'all, there is really SO much to be said about Eastern healing treatments. Don't even get me going about acupuncture; it is incredible!