Redeeming dinner to be sure

Ooh, Nelly, this turned out well. I am telling y'all, I needed a win tonight, no matter how insignificant. We got two of Percy's dew claws cut -swear to god their length was setting records- and I pulled out my cast iron wonder skillet again to make some spinach-sultana-pistachio-stuffed chicken breasts. That skillet sears so nicely; you get such a terrific browning, and I love that each time it's used, it gets seasoned all the more. Fantastic product! So reasonably priced too!

spinach, sultana and pistachio stuffed chicken

Alongside our chicken, I made a turnip dish inspired by my mom's (and her mom's) Momo Potatoes, a most delicious blend of potatoes, onions, cheddar and bacon, all of which is cooked and comes together in a skillet. One pot, great outcome. Love it. Anyway, my version subbed Hakurei turnips for the potatoes, omitted the onions, replaced the cheddar with aged Gouda and definitely kept the bacon. This was an excellent riff and one I'd definitely make again. The aged Gouda just loves bacon and the turnips provide a delightful juxtaposition of sweet. Mmm! Alongside a trusty glass of Grgich Hills Fumé Blanc, well, I'm feeling on the up!

hakurei turnips with aged gouda and bacon