Recap, dinner

Ok, here's the scoop: you should definitely whisk together crème fraîche and Dijon mustard, slather it over well-salted, best-quality chicken breasts, toss a couple lardons on top and oven roast until done. I mean, really, that was awesome. Divine! Memorable!

In the meantime, I heated my Lodge, fried some thick-cut bacon and then seared quickly blanched and then halved Brussels sprouts in the drippings and with the bacon chunks. Also, I haphazardly stretched some thawed puff pastry into a rimmed baking sheet, oiled and truffle-salted it, tossed slivered dried Mission figs/slivered shallots/crumbled blue cheese over that and baked until done. These were great sides. And with the Pinot I'd grabbed when I found my cellar was without white? Well, that was the creme.

People, why is Michele Bachmann still talking? Planned Parenthood is the "LensCrafters of Big Abortion"? Really? There are just no comments that can either explain or dignify that ludicrousness.